30 Aralık 2010 Perşembe

Shift: Freedom

Shift: Freedom Game

Get ready for the most challenging, lengthiest version of a SHIFT game yet!

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29 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

Insidia Game

Play Insidia

Insidia is a moody story about a space creature that makes an emergency landing to a dark and strange world in order to repair his ship.

Have fun with Insidia Game Online

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Play Shopping Girls

Shopping Girls Game

You and your friend are going to the shopping mall for some shopping. When they go shopping they really like to dress-up before they leave. Help these 2 girls get ready for a wonderful day of shopping and fun.

Have fun with playing Shopping Girls Game

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28 Aralık 2010 Salı

Kamikaze Blocks

Kamikaze Blocks

Monsters live in clouds and feed on blocks! Shoot your kamikaze creatures and watch them explode.

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Play Santa TruckPlay Santa Truck

Santa Truck Game

Drive your truck very carefully as you deliver gifts at the end of every level.

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Go Santa Go

Play Go Santa Go

Bounce over spikes by simply jumping on creatures. Reach checkpoints to continue.

Have fun with Go Santa Go Online

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Social War Game

Play Social War

A strategic and tactical masterpiece!! Select images which determine the make-up of your army. Watch as they transform into a raucous army of war-thirsty minions!!

Play the game Play Social War Online

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Download Awakening Moonfell Wood

Awakening Moonfell Wood

After awaking from a century long slumber, Princess Sophia finds a world which is devoid of people! Help her find her friends!

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26 Aralık 2010 Pazar

Play Present for a Deer

Play Present for a Deer

Christmas Special : Funny and nice physics centered puzzle game. You need to click on figure to eliminate it. Do not let the present fall.

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24 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Download Amelie's Cafe Holiday Spirit

Amelie's Cafe Holiday Spirit

Decorate 3 Christmas cafes, prepare yuletide favorites for your guests and earn sufficient money to fill Santa's sleigh!

Play the game Amelie's Cafe Holiday Spirit Online

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Play Devilish Christmas

Devilish Christmas Game

Spot the differences between the two cartoon Christmas themed pictures.

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Justin Bieber Makeover

Play Justin Bieber Makeover

Even male superstars get makeovers before they appear live on stage or on television. Justin Bieber is no different, he needs you to give him the best make over possible so all the girls will love him.

Play the game Justin Bieber Makeover

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23 Aralık 2010 Perşembe

Download Roads of Rome 2

Download Roads of Rome 2

Take up brand-new tricky tasks and overcome challenges in Roads of Rome two, a game which combines Strategy and Time Management game play!

Play the game Download Roads of Rome 2

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22 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

Luchador Cannon Blast Game

Luchador Cannon Blast

Match up the mysterious masked Luchador wrestlers in this match three puzzle game. Fire the Luchadores out of the cannon and make certain they don't collapse the stage.

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Playing with Snowflakes Dress Up

Playing with Snowflakes Dress Up

It is winter, Jenny's favourite season and she would like to have as much fun as possible. Now it's snowing outside and everything is so wonderful that she just can't stay inside her home.

Have fun with playing Playing with Snowflakes Dress Up Game

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Play My Christmas

Play My Christmas

It is My Christmas. Match Christmas objects without making Santa angry.

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Mecha Martyr 2 Game

Play Mecha Martyr 2

Make it through the onslaught of enemies as you upgrade yourself and shoot them down with your air bound mech.

Have fun with playing Mecha Martyr 2 Game

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Play Slash Boom

Slash Boom Game

Make slices in the objects and blast the peices off the screen.

Play the game Slash Boom Game

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21 Aralık 2010 Salı

Play Spikes Tend to Kill You

Play Spikes Tend to Kill You

Pixel spikes of death. An homage to unbeatable 8bit classics. You'll die!

Play the game Play Spikes Tend to Kill You

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Santa's Helpers Game

Santa's Helpers Game

Assist Santa's Helpers get their act together! This is a challenging, puzzle game with an innovate sorting mechanic.

Have fun with Santa's Helpers

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Rihanna Celebrity Makeover Game

Rihanna Celebrity Makeover Game

Rihanna's make over assistant is stuck in traffic and she needs a replacement. Make use of your make over skills and give Rihanna the best make over she's ever had, who knows maybe she will ask you to work for her full time!

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Ballville The Beginning Game

Ballville The Beginning Game

Develop Ballville and make it the city of your dreams! New inhabitants will help you as you develop an unexplored world!

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Slingo Mystery 2 The Golden Escape

Download Slingo Mystery 2 The Golden Escape

Help Maggie Gold as she seeks to discover why Freddy’s money has not solved her problems.

Play the game Slingo Mystery 2 The Golden Escape Game

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20 Aralık 2010 Pazartesi

Play Emo Makeover

Emo Makeover

Your new friends dress in Emo style clothing so it's only right that when you join a group of friends that you look like they do! Attempt to pick the right Emo styled outfit, make certain you like it too otherwise its a waste of time!

Play the game Emo Makeover

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18 Aralık 2010 Cumartesi

Play Total Chips

Play Total Chips

Any good with numbers? Test your skills with Total Chips the newest brain training game! See the number, add the number, subtract the number - it's as simple as that! The faster you answer the more you'll score!

Have fun with playing Play Total Chips Online

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Play Christmas Wedding

Play Christmas Wedding

It is ultimately here! It is time for a romantic Christmas wedding. Brittany and her boyfriend are tieing the knot and all she ever wanted was a gorgeous Christmas Wedding.

Play the game Christmas Wedding Game Online

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16 Aralık 2010 Perşembe

Super Santa Kicker

Play Super Santa Kicker

Ho-Ho-Ho! It's Santa Kicking Time! Solve several little puzzles and get Santa into every chimney in every level.

Have fun with Super Santa Kicker

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Christmas Nails Game

Play Christmas Nails

Christmas is here along with all of the Christmas parties. Everyone knows that girls love to get their hair and nails done anytime they're going out. Help this young lady get the best looking nails at the party.

Have fun with Christmas Nails Online

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Play Chistmas Angel Elf

Chistmas Angel Elf

It will soon be Christmas eve and this Angel Elf will bring a gift for you. She'll fly over each house and give a present to every person.

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Polar Pogo

Polar Pogo

Assist Pekko the Polar Bear bounce his way across icebergs using his super-charged pogo stick. The further you go, the faster the icebergs flow and melt. Attempt to pick up bonuses to aid Pekko on his pogo-ing adventure.

Play the game Play Polar Pogo

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15 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

Dash or Crash

Play Dash or Crash

Get your reactions ready as this busy intersection is moving without traffic lights. Make the cars speed up to stay away from nasty fender benders and be sure you keep that traffic flowing. Remember, make them dash or prepare yourself to crash!

Play the game Dash or Crash Game

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Glow Shooter TD Game

Play Glow Shooter TD

Choose which directions enemies will come, then position your towers. Beware of enemies crashing into towers.

Have fun with playing Play Glow Shooter TD

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Play Mirror Game

Mirror Game

Enter mirror, the gate between reflection and reality. Solve puzzles simply by shifting the 2 dimensions.

Have fun with Play Mirror

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14 Aralık 2010 Salı

Play Joe vs Armageddon Vengeance

Joe vs Armageddon Vengeance Game

Importantly, you have to protect the gate and prevent zombies escape. In the game there are 6 types of weapons and 6 upgrades for each and three types of upgrades for tractor: life, armor and speed. You can find it in the shop.

Have fun with playing Joe vs Armageddon Vengeance Online

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Fox n Roll Pro Game

Fox n Roll Pro Game

Click to remove shapes to get the ball and fox to touch each other.

Play the game Play Fox n Roll Pro

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CausalityTurkey Terror Game

CausalityTurkey Terror Game

Thanksgiving has arrived in Causality, but what about the Turkey?

Play the game CausalityTurkey Terror Game Online

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Fun in the Snow Dress Up

Play Fun in the Snow Dress Up

Thanksgiving is here in Causality, but what about the Turkey?

Have fun with Fun in the Snow Dress Up Online

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13 Aralık 2010 Pazartesi

Yummy Summer Drinks Game

Play Yummy Summer Drinks

Let's see if you know howto make some really good cocktails, if you have no idea how to make these tasty drinks you will know how after this game.

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10 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Donkey Kong ATV Game

Donkey Kong ATV Game

Donkey Kong is driving his ATV and he needs your assistance on collecting his bananas on the way. Can you help Donkey Kong and make a highscore ?

Have fun with playing Donkey Kong ATV Game

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Christmas Run

Christmas Run Santa has lost his presents. Run over the slippery rooftops and get them back!

Have fun with playing Christmas Run Online

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Play Emma the Skier

Play Emma the Skier

Emma is spending her Christmas vacation in a luxurious ski resort in Switzerland and she is having a great time. She has to look her best in such an exclusive place, so assist her pick the outfit and ski equipment which suit her best.

Have fun with playing Play Emma the Skier

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9 Aralık 2010 Perşembe

Murfy Maths

Download Murfy Maths

Solve the sums before the time expires in this action-packed Brain Teaser game! Dive into Murfy Maths and have some fun today!

Play the game Murfy Maths

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Download Twisted A Haunted Carol

Twisted A Haunted Carol

Uncover the dark side of Charles Dickens’ well known Christmas Carol tale! Assist Marley get revenge on the old miser, Scrooge.

Play the game Download Twisted A Haunted Carol Online

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Strategy Defense 6 Game

Strategy Defense 6 Game

Your aim is to protect your castle from incoming enemies. Your enemy have 3 coloured soldiers: Red-colored, Yellowish and Green, you have 3 colored mines. To kill and destroy the enemy, you have to place mines on the land that like color with the enemy color.

Participate in Play Strategy Defense 6

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Hex Battles Game

Hex Battles Game

Control the entire board as you attack all the enemy hexagons.

Play the game Play Hex Battles Online

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Play Let's Make a Snowman

Let's Make a Snowman

Wow, it's snowing outside. Let's make a snowman, ok? First you need to use spade and your hands to make a big snowman. Then you can makeup it with clothes, face, arms and many others. How interesting it's!

Participate in Play Let's Make a Snowman

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Dazzling Outfits Game

Play Dazzling Outfits

This young lady has to get ready for an exceptional party hosted at her close friends mansion! Do you think you can give her a hand to pick the most dazzling outfit possible.

Have fun with playing Dazzling Outfits

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8 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

Fallen from the Moon

Fallen from the Moon Game

Guide that Fallen From The Moon dude through the screens of this cute little point and click adventure. Use your mouse to use items and get him back!

Have fun with Fallen from the Moon Game

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7 Aralık 2010 Salı

Play High School Hair Makeover

High School Hair Makeover It is almost time to go back to school, and you want to look your best for the 1st day of school. Help this young lady look as beautiful and trendy as you possibly can by giving her the best makeover ever!

Play the game High School Hair Makeover

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5 Aralık 2010 Pazar

Goodgame Mafia

Goodgame Mafia

Goodgame Mafia is the brand-new game from Goodgame Studios. Live the life of a gangster in a huge city. Do missions for the godfather, duel with other players from all around the world and get new objects at the black market to improve your character.

Have fun with playing Play Goodgame Mafia

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