30 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

Play Summit

Play Summit Game

Get to the Summit of each and every level in this pixelly platform jump & run game making use of arrow keys and X but watch out the energy that you will use it to climb.

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TTM There is too Many

Play TTM There is too Many

Take control of a sword wielding soldier, as she fights off lots of alien invaders across three action loaded and intense stages of hack n slash madness.

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Steam Droid

Play Steam Droid

Liberate the steam droids in over 14 stages and handle the final big boss. Go to the shop in order to upgrade to triple shot, reverse shot, rockets, homing missiles, invincibility, armor, gun power and rapid fire speed!

Have fun with playing Steam Droid Online

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Sift Heads World Act 6

Sift Heads World Act 6 Game

After having their headquarters destroyed, Vinnie and his team try to find the culprit and stop them for good. But the guys will find out that more than one clan is behind this attack!

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Download Columbus Ghost of the Mystery Stone

Columbus Ghost of the Mystery Stone

After crashing his ship, Columbus sees an attractive apparition. Now, he has to explore a mysterious island and combat for survival!

Have fun with playing Columbus Ghost of the Mystery Stone

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29 Eylül 2010 Çarşamba

Madness Premeditation Game

Madness Premeditation

Plan Hank's moves through a strange area of Nevada in this awesome puzzle game.

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28 Eylül 2010 Salı

US Open Tennis Girl Game

Play US Open Tennis Girl

Now this is an invite for the beauties to take part in this us open tennis tournament and you being such an attractive stunning young lady here is your chance to join in the competition.

Play the game US Open Tennis Girl Game

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Evil Asteroids Game

Play Evil Asteroids

Move the planets making sure that earth shoots at all the evil asteroids. Make use of the gravity to help aim your shooting.

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27 Eylül 2010 Pazartesi

Play Pom Pom Girls Dress Up

Pom Pom Girls Dress Up Game

Click through the dress up icons on the field to give this cheerleader a confident look. When she is ready to start cheering, click Show!

Have fun with Pom Pom Girls Dress Up Game Online

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Download King Arthur

King Arthur

Follow Arthur's rise from young man to king! Pay attention to Merlin's story and meet a fantastic cast of characters as you live a traditional tale!

Have fun with playing King Arthur Online

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26 Eylül 2010 Pazar

Download James Patterson Women's Murder Club Little Black Lies

James Patterson Women's Murder Club Little Black Lies Game

Assist best selling author Regina Blacklock solve a 35 years old murder! Become a part of the investigation and uncover the truth!

Play the game James Patterson Women's Murder Club Little Black Lies Online

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25 Eylül 2010 Cumartesi

Play Ice Cream Stand Decoration

Ice Cream Stand Decoration

Click on an object to bring it to the front, then drag it into a place.

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Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

Use the green arrows to navigate the make up tabs, then simply click a choice to apply it. If the make up doesn't automatically appear on the bride's face once you click it, you will have to click directly on her fact to apply it. Click Done when she's ready to walk down the aisle!

Have fun with Wedding Makeup

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Robot Wants Ice Cream

Play Robot Wants Ice Cream

Puppy & Robot are going to Happy Ice Cream World for getting some ice cream! Sadly, when they finally arrive, things are not as they had hoped.

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24 Eylül 2010 Cuma

Smiley Gems

Smiley Gems Game

Help Smiley pick up gems with your mouse. Avoid Chasers and Mines, and go for the high score!

Have fun with playing Play Smiley Gems

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Abandoned 3 Game

Abandoned 3 Game

You had been told to never come to this abandoned place alone. Now some thing is keeping you from leaving. Find items and clues to help escape the dark abandoned place. Best of luck and have fun!

Participate in Abandoned 3 Online

Twisted Lands Shadow Town Game

Twisted Lands Shadow Town Game

Gather items, solve puzzles and make spine chilling findings as you explore an abandoned island in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town!

Play the game Twisted Lands Shadow Town

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Goddess Chronicles Game

Download Goddess Chronicles

Take on the challenge of becoming a Goddess and gain your place among the Gods in this difficult Hidden Object game.

Play the game Goddess Chronicles Online

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Play Grandma's Kitchen 7

Grandma's Kitchen 7

I believe she's the best cooker in the world, my grandmother, anything you do, you do wonderful! I learn the best recipes from her, what about you? Do you want to join me?

Play the game Grandma's Kitchen 7

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Starry Makeup Game

Starry Makeup

Prior to taking stage, apply the perfect foundation and your contact lenses to have a perfect look when you wear a smoky eye-shadow. Shiny star stickers help you a lot in front of the cameras!

Have fun with Starry Makeup Online

23 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

Play Romania Girl Dress Up

Romania Girl Dress Up

This young lady is on her road trip exploring the globe and now she is on the streets of Romania, she has the most beautiful Romanian clothes and casual clothes in her closet at her hotel.

Have fun with playing Romania Girl Dress Up

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Play Madness Hydraulic

Play Madness Hydraulic

Try to stay alive as you take on wave after wave of Madness universe enemies. Deploy and upgrade turrets.

Have fun with playing Madness Hydraulic Game Online

Magic Liquid Game

Magic Liquid

Try your very best to break up all of the cute bubbles in the least amount of clicks as you possibly can!

Play the game Play Magic Liquid

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22 Eylül 2010 Çarşamba

Play Eruption Disruption

Eruption Disruption

A volcano has erupted and it is your decision to fly through the ash clouds and pick up the missing research balloons! Avoid contact with the ash cloud since it affects engine performance and windscreen visibilty.

Play the game Eruption Disruption Game



Pop up balloons and initiate a chain reaction in this funny skill game.

Have fun with Play Balloonator Online

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Play Ledge the Spirit Stone

Ledge the Spirit Stone

Travel through this RPG game as you fight off enemies, open gates, and pick up brand-new weapons.

Have fun with playing Ledge the Spirit Stone

21 Eylül 2010 Salı

Play Street Racer Girl Dress Up

Street Racer Girl Dress Up

Racing is an exciting sport and this cool chic is gonna involve herself in a competition. She would like to look gorgeous thus guide her to dressup.

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Dress for Dates

Dress for Dates Game

Preparing for a romantic date isn't an easy thing: numerous chic tops, beautiful skirts, classy pants and pretty accessories to pick from.

Have fun with playing Dress for Dates Game Online

Heroes of Kalevala Game

Heroes of Kalevala Game

Pick your hero and match your tribe to glory in the lands of Kalevala. Build your own villages and unlock wonderful worlds!

Have fun with Heroes of Kalevala Game Online

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20 Eylül 2010 Pazartesi

Play Jabberwocky

Jabberwocky Game

Command the Jabberwocky and guide the slimy creatures to safety through twenty five bizarre levels featured in this bizarre world of slim.

Play the game Jabberwocky Game Online

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Baby and Sitter Dress Up Game

Play Baby and Sitter Dress Up

Click the dressup icons on the baby's mobile to get everyone dressed for the day! When you are done giving the baby and her sitter a new look, click Show button.

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Play My Wedding Dress Up

My Wedding Dress Up

Simply click through the dressup icons to give both the bride and groom a wedding-worthy look! When they are dressed to walk down the aisle, click Ready button.

Participate in My Wedding Dress Up

Dark Princess Dress Up

Play Dark Princess Dress Up

Click through the dress up options to give this dark princess a daunting look! When her outfit is completely ready, click on Done button.

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Play IQTester

Test out yourself, find out what type of learner you are, compare to friends and family and primarily have some fun! All questions are professionally tested and ensure a correct result!

Have fun with playing IQTester Game Online

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19 Eylül 2010 Pazar

PC Defense

PC Defense

Protect your PC in this well balanced turret defense game! Position various turrents around the path, upgrade them or make use of special weapons!

Have fun with playing PC Defense Online

Play Master Miner

Master Miner

Are you the Master Miner? Dig your way through 24 clever action puzzles. Collect diamonds, push rocks and avoid or kill evil bats! Take up the challenge, and become the best... Master Miner!

Play the game Play Master Miner Online

18 Eylül 2010 Cumartesi

Play Ninjas vs Mafia Deluxe

Play Ninjas vs Mafia Deluxe

The Crazy 44 ninja clan is taking over Pop Rox City! It's your decision to take them down. Assemble your team, and turn to the shifty mafia for help. Go to battle in this off the wall role play game!

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Play Kill Shot

Kill Shot

In Kill Shot shooting game, there are cursed targets being spawned all over the countryside that really must be destroyed! Make use of your gun to shoot the targets and the evil entities which are bringing them to life!

Play the game Play Kill Shot

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Victorian Mysteries Woman in White

Download Victorian Mysteries Woman in White

Who is this Woman in White and what is her secret? Examine Victorian mansions, search for clues, and discover the reality!

Have fun with Victorian Mysteries Woman in White Online

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Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Game

Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Game

An odd mansion won't discourage him, in the end Rupert is the best mail carrier in town! He should find a way to deliver his package! Perhaps Rupert shouldn't be so punctual and just run.. this house is pretty strange and where exactly is this 'Earl Grey' guy? Best of luck and have fun!

Play the game Play Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy

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17 Eylül 2010 Cuma

Witch Castle Defence

Witch Castle Defence Game

Protect the witch by defending her castle from incoming waves of the enemies. Make use of power ups and unlock achievements. Best of luck!

Play the game Witch Castle Defence Game

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Island Fashion Game

Play Island Fashion

The seaside looks hot even after the sunset and the sun has just gone down, leaving its place to the romantic moonlight. Right now it is time to enjoy the night time on the isle, see the restaurants and cafes to pick one for a delicious dinner. What more? Go for a walk with me by the moon-lit sea!

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Ice Cream Girl

Ice Cream Girl Game

This beautiful fashionista sure loves going to the ice cream shop and even has a colorful chic wardrobe to sport when she enjoys her favourite dessert!

Play the game Ice Cream Girl

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Angel Land

Angel Land

The Angel Land Country is well-known for its magic parks used for ceremonies and fabulous gatherings. People come and decorate these parks before they give an event and now you have the opportunity to prepare a beautiful spot for the tea party of these 5 cute baby angels of the country.

Participate in Angel Land Game

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Mine Escape

Mine Escape

It is very sad to hear that somebody was trapped inside the oil tank. Go ahead and attempt to rescue that person. Best of luck Have some fun.

Have fun with Mine Escape Game

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16 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

Lura's Honeymoon Game

Lura's Honeymoon

Lura has a honeymoon with her husband. Makeover and dress up them to make them look much better.

Have fun with playing Lura's Honeymoon Online

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Catch Game

Catch Game

Try and catch as many balls as possibly you can, but be careful not to drop too many, and especially not those with higher value.

Have fun with playing Catch Game Online

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Dearie Flower Elf Game

Dearie Flower Elf Game

This cute flower elf dearie loves to play around with butterflies, bees along with other insects. Please dress her up with her beautiful flower outfits and have fun!

Have fun with Dearie Flower Elf Online

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Race with Rabbit Game

Race with Rabbit

The tortoise is having yet another race competition with the rabbit. Will the bunny be the winner this time? Let's try. They can only walk a line once. The faster the tortoise moves, the higher score you'll get.Have some fun!

Play the game Play Race with Rabbit Online

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Play Kiss the Bride

Kiss the Bride Game

Today is your wedding ceremony! You and your husband are so in love that you cant keep your hands off each other! Kiss him and try not to get caught by the photographers!

Play the game Play Kiss the Bride

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